Zionism, Precedent and History

Craven, Jim jcraven at SPAMclark.edu
Tue May 1 15:08:48 MDT 2001

Hi Mine,

We are looking at early June with the date to be finalized very soon. As we
have a traditonal Blackfoot government, and with so much to do in terms of
logistics etc, we have suffered severasl delays; but the end is in sight. We
have to do this right as our Elders are dying daily and we have basically
one shot to gather and get out many testimonies and data.

For those who have not seen it, I highly recommend "Where The Spirit Lives"
a film about the Residential Schools; it features St Paul's Anglican school
on the Akainaa (Blood) Blackfoot reservation in Cardston, Alberta. It is an
incredibly brilliant movie with incredible filming, acting and dialogue; We
are having our Tribunal at either St Paul's (now an Indian de-tox center) or
at St. Mary's (now a community college). It is sort of hoop-like or
returning to a scene of the crimes. We are presently negotiating to use the
site at St Paul's (the same building that was in the film and the same
building that served as one of many sites for the atrocities and machinery
of genocide in Canada--still going on in the U.S. Boarding Schools). We were
refused permission to use the Smashed-Head Buffalo Jumps at the
Apatohsipiikani (Northern Peigan) Reserve at Brocket, Alberta. Needless to
say, the Canadian Government (trying to buy silence and relief with their
bullshit $350 million "Healing Fund") and the named Churches (who once
claimed to be going bankrup from lawsuits and now propse a $2 billion fund
to Residential School survivors if they signe "sealed"--read
silence--agreements and agree not to sue or describe what happened to them
or say how much money they have received) are not happy about our proposed
Tribunal. Several other First Nations have asked to use our indictment (we
say just take out the Blackfoot and add whatever) and to follow our Tribunal
and conduct their own Tribunals.

The invitations will be coming shortly. Sorry for the delays, but there is
so much to do, only we can do it and we have to do it right. One lawyer said
to me "That is a brilliant idea--a 'mock trial'; it is creative, non-violent
and educational." I told her this was a real trial by a real and sovereign
nation; an example of a "mock trial" is an Indian in a White Man's Court.

Jim C.

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