Fidel tells Spanish imperialist magistrate to shove it

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Tue May 1 21:06:03 MDT 2001

>>The major problem with the premise here is that it projects an analysis of
Colonized vs. the colonisers and from there proscribes the appropriate
remedy for all. It puts Noriega in the same camp as Che.<<

How white of you... conveniently letting you off the hook for supporting the
imperialist's invasion of Panama.

This is the same BULLSHIT argument we heard from Schactman and other "state
department socialists" and CIA whore to justify the Korean War, the Bay of
Pigs invasion, the Vietnam War, the invasion of Grenada, the mercenary war
against Nicaragua, the death squads throughout Latin America that cost the
lives of tens or hundreds of thousands of people.

Frankly, I find your posts offensive and repulsive. You can't see a Goddamn
thing because you're too busy licking the imperialists' asses. Go peddle
your whoring imperialist propaganda somewhere else, asshole.

My slogan for you is the same as that of the Cuba people in 1980: "¡Fuera la
escoria! ¡Que se vayan!"

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This analysis has truly outlived it's usefulness. The intrusion by the IMF,
WTO, GATT, NAFTA, etc. have generated a new comprador strata that is more
extensive and intensive in the colonized nations than ever. The pot banging
middle class of Chile have become more entrenched and more politically
influential in the support of private capital and its property relations. At
the same time there are popular voices of opposition, such as Garzon, Hugo
Chavez or Ralph Nader, that raise substantive questions even while promoting
a reformist agenda.

What are the options? I remember the sentiments of a Peruvian campesino when
asked by a reporter about the takeover of the Japanese embassy by the Tupac
Amaru. He declared that it was truly the only opportunity for his voice to
be heard. So along with the extension of finance capital is the
marginalization of millions, in the US, Europe and around the world. These
are the disappeared, the shirtless ones, but these are also the Zapatistas.
It truly depends on the leadership and the reliance of it on mass resistance
in many popular forms to expose, intimidate and isolate the opponents of
democracy and justice.

I hope that no one is really relying on the military of the colonialised
nations to lead the struggle for indepence and social justice. Their record
does not speak well in that regard. Further, their training and financial
ties with the colonizer nation promises little change in the future.

As to whether it is "a" solution to rely on imperialist courts, I would
suggest that unless it is acceptable to you for the fascists and their
agents to get away scot-free, it may be the only realizeable option
available. There can never be justice in the face of the influence of
capital and its agents. There can be accounts settled, that should be
settled. There can be restitution made where it is owed.

I do accept that I could be totally missing the dynamics of the struggle in
the southern hemisphere and I am more than willing to listen to someone who
could fill me in.

Ultimately, I am confused and perplexed by what appears to be an ulta-Left
position that attacks all in the colonizer nation, unites with the military
of the colonized, and provides little room for short term remedies. It seems
to me that the goal is not revolution but equality and social justice. It is
in that context that we probably hold the greatest differences.

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