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Wed May 2 07:21:42 MDT 2001

>I am a Marxmail list digest subscriber.  A few days ago I saw that you made
>refernce to your web page and an article on questions of Native American
>politics and Marxism.  I would very much like to read this, but when I went
>to that url I only arrived at a picture of you in Nicaragua, with no other
>links.  Could you post the correct url again and CC it to me also?  (Feel
>free to bounce this complete message to the list if you want).

Yes, I posted the wrong URL. The right one is:

>By the way, what happened to the Gaurdian newspaper?  I used to read it
>regularly in the late eighties,  then I dropped out of political awareness
>and activity for awhile only recently to re-awaken.  Now it is gone and I
>miss it so much!

So do I. I was a financial supporter of the Guardian and identified with it
politically. (Jack A. Smith, who was the managing editor of the Guardian,
is on the list.) The Guardian collapsed because it was too expensive to
maintain. About 4 years ago when I was a member of the Committees of
Correspondence, I met with Barry Cohen who was a central leader of the
group, after having been expelled from the CP where he was the editor of
the Daily World. I tried to convince him of the need to launch something
like the Guardian under the auspices of the CofC. He thought that it would
go the same route as the Guardian. But he did say that a web version of the
Guardian might make sense. Somewhere along the line I hope that something
like this comes into being. There is a desperate need for a popular,
nation-wide Marxist periodical, especially in light of the openings in the
mass movement.

>By the way, I very much enjoyed those articles on Lenin and Leninism, as
>well as some of the discussion on the SWP.  I was a member of the YSA for
>about 2 to 3 months in the mid to late eighties, and quit after I could not
>stand to have them dictate to me "the correct political line".  I then
>joined another organization (League of Revolutionary Struggle-M-L Unity
>newspaper) mainly due involment in the same mass movement organizations and
>personal friendships, rather than total political agreement.  They were not
>nearly as bad as the SWP, but still, being a member, you had to publicly
>support the organization's positions and political line no matter what you
>really thought.  I found this very stifling.

Absolutely. The Bolsheviks never put members under discipline to defend
"the party line". All through WWI Bukharin hammered Lenin on the national
question in the pages of an official party newspaper printed in exile.
Democratic centralism referred to *action*, not what people thought or said.

>In your article on Lenin(ism), you mentioned the organization Solidarity
>(Against the Current).  I have recently had conversations with them, and I
>find them most agreeable and I am contemplating joining them.  No way would
>I ever join an organization that insists on doing my thinking for me.

Solidarity is definitely worth joining, although I have strong
disagreements with them on Yugoslavia.

>Regarding your article on Lenin and Leninism, I actually think you should
>have that published somehow as a pamphlet and or an article in a magazine
>like Against the Current, as well as putting it on the marxmail web site.
>It is the kind of discussion, history, and argument that the left really
>In solidarity,

Actually, my ill-temper and obnoxious personality have alienated me from
nearly every print publication out there. So instead I post to the
Internet, the people's voice.

Louis Proyect
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