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Wed May 2 07:49:02 MDT 2001

This is unfortunate.

I agree with Mine; Zehr is the provocator here, not
Jose. There may be no room for "running your mouth off
like a drunken sailor" (is that fair to drunken
sailors?), but it's my understanding there's no room
for pro-capitalist, pro-imperialist diatribes either.

Jose's contributions have been one of the shining
points of this list. Lou, you may not see it this way,
but your "warning" appeared to me to read more like
"if you don't unsub, I'll do it for you." I'm sure
this was not your intention, but adding the unsub
information just for spite certainly gave me that

In any case, I'm not certain *I* want to stick around.
If people like Jose are leaving, while people like
Zehr are staying, this list isn't what it's supposed
to be.

And Lou, there's no necessity to give me the unsub
information. I already know how, thank you.


--- Louis Proyect <lnp3 at> wrote:
> José has unsubbed.
> If somebody got up at a preconvention discussion of
> a Marxist party and
> used the kind of language José used, they'd be
> brought up on charges.
> Granted in the bad old days of the Marxism lists
> that preceded this one,
> I'd use the same kind of language myself as did
> dozens of other people. We
> are in a different situation now. We are trying to
> maintain a civil
> atmosphere. Even within that context, I do expect
> some people to lose their
> temper from time to time. We are all human.
> But when I told José that the next time he hurled a
> bunch of profanity that
> I'd unsub him, he decided that his right to curse
> people out was more
> important to him than participating in our
> discussions. There are forums
> all across the Internet, including apst where I
> first ran into José, that
> allow you to run your mouth off like a drunken
> sailor.
> Just not here.
> Louis Proyect
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