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Wed May 2 17:28:51 MDT 2001

On Thu, 3 May 2001, Mark Jones wrote:

What we want is *more* law not less. Even bourgeois law is better than the
alternative. Nestor is arguing for *less* law, and that doesn't seem very
serious. It was good that Pinochet was arrested. The fact that a Spanish
judge whose education took place in Franco times, promoted this arrest
even tho' he isn't himself a Communist, perhaps ought not to surprise us
too much. It's good that it happened, no matter who did it.  Yes,
bourgeois law is 90% hypocrisy. And yes, hypocrisy is a better illness
than  outright fascism. As for Castro, no-one is gonna put him on trial,
so take it easy,  and get serious about things that matter, like global

What we do not want, and Nestor is correct to object to, is a bourgeois
law that acts as a trojan horse for colonialism, neo-colonialism and a
21st century version of the mission civilatrice.

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