The "little" mean things Natives experience in the Land of the Free

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[ from Hunter Gray ]

Sent by Emory -- an old Native comrade-in-arms -- to the Hunter Gray

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Dear friends:

I am sorry to hear about your difficulties with the U.S.P.S.  It is
amazing the things that still go on in this country that is supposedly
"civilized."  I wish you the best in your struggle.  I wish many more
Indians would not let these things go by without doing anything about
them.  I work with many Indians around here who have experienced
discrimination.  The Indians are more than willing to complain but
when it comes down to documenting anything and filing complaints, they
back down. 

I have been dealing with a situation where I was living in subsidized
housing because of my disabilities.  The tenants entered my apartment
at will and went through my property.  They stole food, medication, a
choker, and a watch.  I filed three complaints and the  County Housing
Authority never responded to any of them.  They never made any contact
with me at all.  I was also a victim of police profiling.  I was
sitting out front of the apartment with a relative.  We were stone
sober and not doing anything but quietly visiting.  There were white
people sitting out front as well.  Someone called the police and the
officer came up to us and asked if we lived there.  I told her I did
and that my nephew was visiting me.  The officer left without asking
any of the white people if they lived there. 

I filed a complaint with H.U.D. in Denver, CO and they accepted my
complaint and I am asking for damages.  I was forced to leave that
residence because the harassment of me did stop even after filing the
written complaints with the C.H.A.  The tenants would enter my
apartment and leave my mail in the kitchen even though I had a mailbox
like everybody else.  One time I came out of the shower to find three
old, white women in my kitchen.  I am hearing impaired and I had a
sign on the outside of the door saying so and for anyone to knock loud
and many times.  I have an eagle feather and I keep it wrapped up and
on the top shelf of a closet.  I found it unwrapped along with other

It is slow going but these people need to be called on their
discrimination.  I wish more Indians would do the same thing.

All the best in your struggles.


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