Just a tidbit on EU-enlargment...

Magnus Bernhardsen magnus.bernhardsen at SPAMnm.no
Thu May 3 02:17:16 MDT 2001


>From an interview with austrian foreign minister, ÖVP:

"Asked about co-operation with Jörg Haider's "anti-European" party in the
government coalition, Ferrero-Waldner says that Haider has very little
influence on the government in Vienna and none whatever on the country's
foreign policy. "My priorities are clearly written in the government's
programme, and the most important issue is enlargement," she says.

To Austria, enlargement means that countries that until 1918 were governed
from Vienna, Czech Republich, Hungary, Slovenia, and Bosnia, will again
become closer to Vienna's sphere of influence. This situation offers a new
historical chance for Austria's trade and industry, but also risks the
country's agriculture and labour markets. New studies have shown that the
future will bring large shifts of population in Europe. This is the reason
that Austria insists on a transition period of seven years before the open
labour market becomes a reality. Austria also stands firmly on her demands
for environmental protection and for the safety of the Czech Nuclear Power
Plant in Temelin, writes Aftenposten."

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