The EU question

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Thu May 3 10:48:27 MDT 2001

On Tue, 1 May 2001, Greg Schofield wrote:

> Comrade, I am happy to discuss any point but I think we must first come to
> some agreement as to the terms being used and their meaning as these seem
> to be getting in our way. Perhaps words like reform and reformism would be
> a good starting point.
> Yours somewhat confused,
> Greg Schofield
> Perth Australia

The problem is not with reform as such but with your usage of the term.
You suggest nothing which has not already been proposed by the right and
centre of the labour party. Constitutional, judicial reform, political
devolution, cultural resurgence, European army etc are all proposals
filched directly from a Blairite or SDP-Green manifesto.

The urgent task at the moment therefore is to return to the radical and
subversive meaning of words such as democracy and reform, rather than
continue using them in their formalistic and bourgeois sense. A case in
point is your discussion of dissolution of NATO. I am unquestionably in
favour of a reform such as the dissolution of NATO. However, I recognise
that the main impetus behind the dissolution of NATO at this point is not
the European working class, but the European bourgeoisie whose quarrel
with NATO stems from the desire of European capital to establish itself
and Europe as an imperialist pole independent of the American.

Any criticism of NATO which lets European imperialism get of scott free,
or worse promotes the internal renovation and restoration of European
imperialism under the guise of "democratic reform", is at best worthless
and formalistic piety. At worst it is a knowing deception which it is our
duty to expose and criticise.

Which is why I mention the Labour Party and the SDP. These two "working
class parties" have worked unstitntingly, through "reforms" and varied
liberal window dressing, to align the European working class behind
bourgeois and imperialist strategies, first European, then American and
now European again, and against the mass of humanity that lives in the
imperialized world.


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