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Thu May 3 12:42:06 MDT 2001

Lou Pr. wrote:

"In the second example, as most assuredly upheld by our own Ulhas and Amhad
Aijaz, you find a national bourgeoisie that came to power as a result of a
profound struggle with English colonialism. I know that Nestor would not
fully agree with the second example"

Why not? Not only I agree, I am convinced that this is the core of the
Indian drama today. Of course, I am not quite knowledgeable on India, and I
am always eager to learn.

What I would contest is, perhaps, the idea that without a national-peasant
revolution the Indian bourgeoisie can bring capitalism to full completion
in India, but this is a completely different issue (and please do not
imagine me to be naively thinking of Indian peasants as 17th. century

At any rate, nothing like that has appeared in Latin America, not even in
Brazil, Mexico or Argentina.

Lic. Néstor M. Gorojovsky

Louis Proyect
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