The EU question (Response to Louis - II)

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Thu May 3 13:55:42 MDT 2001

>What I've seen is the attempt to measure me by the stick of the political
>cookie cutter at hand and rush immediately to categorize me.  Do I sound
>like De Long?  Do I really sound like Gilly?  No, it's more like Hernando de
>Soto?  Give me a break.  I refuse to conform to your procedure.  I demand
>that my theoretical understanding of capitalism be assessed on its own
>merits (or, if it's so difficult to read, to ignore it or delete it).  And,
>if it is flawed, help me clear my foggy mind.

I spoke to Mine offline and have also communicated with Nestor. We
certainly must make the effort to engage with your ideas. As I have pointed
out, they are prevalent in the academy but not in the activist left that
went to Quebec. Since this list is composed of what Gramsci called "organic
intellectuals", we are obligated to keep up with what the old-style
intellectuals are thinking and writing. But having said that, this list is
not quite about trying to understand capitalism. Understanding it is a
necessary step in the direction of making a revolution. In other words, we
want to understand capitalism the way an oncologist wants to understand a
tumor. Not the way a botanist regards an orchid, in other words.

Louis Proyect
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