Bourgeois law

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Thu May 3 16:14:36 MDT 2001

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Adam wrote:

>>This is unfortunate.<<

I think we should relax a little here. Jose is a grown up and anyway runs his own
(excellent) cuba-si list. So no-one important's voice won't be heard. The Net is big
enougn for all of us, and we probably all speak more than we ought to anyway. If
Jose wants a break, let him go; I'm sure he'll be back when/if he has something
worthwhile to say. He's a smart guy, so he'll definitely be back.

Louis Proyect runs a premier list, one that has self-evident historical importance.
It's good that new people come (and go); and it's also obvious that there are and
will be provocateurs among them: the more provocateurs, the better the job Lou is
doing. So let's not be in a rush to judge, OK?

Seaking of rushes and judgment, I gotta say that my dear old mate Nestor is not
right about Pinochet and the more he writes in bullet-listed, UN-style
pronunciamentos, the more sure I am that he isn't.

Some comrades around here ought to bone up a little on classical marxist ideas about
bourgeois law and jurisprudence, starting let's say with E V Pashukanis,


CB: Mark , would you give us your precis on Pashukanis ?

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