Castro on extraterritoriality

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Thu May 3 16:18:19 MDT 2001

He [Castro] also went into the repercussions of the comments
made by Judge Baltasar Garzon to the Dominican newspaper
Listin Diario, and his reply in which-among other
aspects-Fidel warned of the dangers resulting from the
manipulation by powerful nations of the principle of

"In my view, in the case of Pinochet, the Spanish judge
was seeking promotion. I don't believe that he was
inspired by a sense of justice, and he applied Spanish
laws of an extraterritorial nature."

Fidel observed the potential danger of U.S. or North
Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) judges assuming the
right to put anyone in the world on trial. He added that
that would be insane.

After reiterating his reflection that Pinochet's arrest
in London was just from the ethical point of view, he
stated that it was questionable legally and, in political
terms, it created problems within the Chilean process.
"We defend the thesis that Pinochet should be tried and
sanctioned in Chile."

Fidel also noted that Cuban likewise defends the thesis
of establishing an international court for judging war
crimes, under the supervision of the UN General Assembly,
"the genuinely democratic body of that institution," and
never under the jurisdiction of the Security Council,
given its veto power.

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