Forwarded from Nestor (India)

Ulhas Joglekar uvj at
Thu May 3 19:43:24 MDT 2001

> What I would contest is, perhaps, the idea that without a national-peasant
> revolution the Indian bourgeoisie can bring capitalism to full completion
> in India, but this is a completely different issue (and please do not
> imagine me to be naively thinking of Indian peasants as 17th. century
> peasants!)

I don't understand why national-peasant revolution is required to bring
Indian capialism to completion. As far as I can tell, bourgeoisie rarely
revolutionary process to transform
agriculture. Did Germany and Japan have national-peasant revolutions? Indian
capitalism has gradually tranformed agriculture, its technical basis as well
as property relations over 50 years and this will continue. However, this
process can not be described as revolutionary. Share of agriculture in
India's GDP has fallen from 55% in 1947 to 26% 50 years later. Indian
agriculture will be less and less important in accumulation process in
future, though
its growth is vital if India is to avoid food imports.


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