Gun Boat Diplomacy or Law

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Fri May 4 06:08:47 MDT 2001

[ from Nestor ]

A sense of compassion for the fate of my late grandfather has moved me
to send this to the list. Poor man, he hated beer.

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el 3 May 01, a las 19:04, Néstor Gorojovsky dijo:

[In reference to extraterritoriality of imperialist judges]

> If this is bourgeois law, my grandfather was a vat of beer.

I would like to make a distinction here. I was thinking in the same
general way Mark Jones had cast the issue, that is the sense of the
"theory of right".  Extraterritorial courts are part of bourgeois
_rule_ since capitalism began to breathe. But not of bourgeois _legal
theory_, and in this sense I was speaking of bourgeois law.

What I want to stress is that the actual realities of imperial power
carry bourgeois legal theory to the dustbin, and that this is a deep
crevice where any defense of the abstract right of a Spanish judge to
put Pinochet to trial falls IMHO inevitably.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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