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En relación a Re: The EU question (Response to Louis - II),
el 4 May 01, a las 6:49, Julio Huato dijo:

> Capitalism is a social form -- a mode of producing -- that, under
> different time, space, and circumstance, requires different
> treatments.  In some cases it is pathological.  In other cases, it
> is not.

Isn't this excessively abstract? Julio Huato despises generalizations
(which is a pity, because nobody can't think without them) when they
are made by others, but not when it is Huato who makes them.

When I suggested that his kind of Marxism was a NAFTA Marxism, he got
incensed by what he felt an attempt to insult. It was not. I needed to
give my characterization of the forces behind his cast of mind, both
because I needed to give a first explanation to his ideas and because
I wanted to be honest to my readers. I suggested (and still keep
thinking) that it was impossible that NAFTA did not penetrate in the
mind of Mexicans, and that one of the ways that it could be doing it
was through forms of Marxism such as the one he honestly but IMHO
wrongly espouses. The details were given by Xxxx Xxxxxx on a latter

Now, Julio is doing HIS generalization. According to his proposition,
one should ask if there is any point in struggling against capitalism
in Mexico today, because, who knows, maybe it will be positive. Well,
this is the core of our disagreement. Maybe Julio is also translating
to Marxist categories a political state of mind, that of those
Mexicans who believe that Fox is "better" than the PRI, maybe not.

These generalizations, irksome as they may seem to Julio, are more
concrete, more full of meaning, than the gospel about capitalism being
"pathological" or not. From the point of view of the history of
humankind, the capitalist mode of production is the MOST pathological
one that ever existed (which does not make it unnecessary),
particularly because -and most people who think in mere economic terms
forget this- modes of production are, first of all, modes of
production OF PEOPLE. The kind of human being that capitalism produces
is the most pathological kind of human being ever produced, and this
would be enough to understand what I am meaning.

The only justification for such an unhuman mode of production to exist
was to supersede feudal (and tributary in general) backwardness. This
made, capitalism has become a M. Valdemar the world over unless as a
step towards socialist revolution, but in this case we are not
speaking of a capitalism which further strengthens the economic
systems of the core, we are speaking of (most probably failed)
attempts at autonomous capitalism which attack that core. In Mexico,
the impersonation of this kind of capitalism was the PRI. Speaking
about a good mission for capitalism in Mexico today can mean only one
of two things:

(a) support for the PRI policies
(b) support for Fox.

Sorry, Julio, I am made of this kind of rugged wood. I recognize I
will never be a good economist in the usual sense.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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