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>From other point of view, charcter of India bourgois
class is comprador - this is dominant aspect. INC
(original India congress party) was found by A. O. Hume
who was British in 19 century and this party was
representive of this bourgois class. Example, today
all big industrial capital in India come from this
original comprador class. Tata, Birla, Thakurdas,
Gwenka - all big name now - all start as trader
community under British. Birla many time express
open support and love for English crown.

In 1947, the Congress Party seize power after independence - this party under Nehru
was not
nationalist in true meaning but comprador in dominant
aspect. There was national bourgeois in India (e.g.,
on eastern side like Bengal Chemical) but they numerical small and eaten by big
comprador. After 1947, industrialisation of country and many big industry was set up
by state plan since heavy industry
too expensive for individal capital alone - so
all heavy industry finance through tax of people
but for benifit of this bourgois class. Also, that time
Soviet Union was there so bourgois got some room to
play betwen USSR and US.

But with Soviet fall, degree of comprador of big
bourgois have now increase with now open taking side
of US and liberalising and opening country and many
so call joint venture in which foreign partner have
main power. Degree of servlity to West is much more
now (words of top politican today). In India, there
is not capitalist development like Europe but
capital development twist by imperlism. Today foreign
debt is over 100 bilion USD, corruption in all
aspect, and great violence, due to this path of devlopment.
India is full of contradiction - not uniform. Village
bullock cart and town Mercedes. Country export food while people starve and mal
nourish. Today, bourgois and
poltician now destroying and privitising state sector
with deliberte policy in coopertion with IMF, WTO and
pressure from West. Ruling right party
BJP's own trade union have called their political
leaders as traitor.

Why westeren style capitalism not develop in India
is complex question. British invasion was of course
negative factor. But before British came, maybe
Marx's AMP and caste system held back development. But
other view is there was India capitalist class being
born but destroy by British.

For detail documention of history of Indian bourgois
class, S Ghosh book 'Indian Big Bourgois" has many data. But once again, this is one


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