Don't do me any favors

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Fri May 4 11:49:38 MDT 2001

Gregor wrote me privately:
>Thank you for saving me the time of unsubscribing to your "marxism" list
>which you moderate like a feudal lord. You grant a voice to those serfs
>that agree with _YOUR_ view of socialism and the world at large, while
>silencing those that _dare_ to disagree even one iota from your dogmatic
>mind set. My crime was merely to state the obvious and not buy into your
>PC neo-liberal mind set. So, a minor filmmaker, who ran afoul of US visa
>law, was deported. This I am assured that this was due to his
>nationality/ethnicity and not due to a visa violation--such a foolish PC
>liberal take on an event.
>Did you even read the original message? It smacked of elitism, cultural
>condescension and classicism.

Classicism? I have to admit that gets to me also from time to time,
especially when they play Haydn's Surprise Symphony for the umpteenth time
on the FM radio.

Louis Proyect
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