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Stuart Lawrence stuartwl at SPAMwalrus.com
Fri May 4 22:16:47 MDT 2001

> Today is May 4, 2001. On a day like today but 31 years ago the National
> Guard carried out the Kent State massacre, a crime that is still unpunished.
> There was no room for that on the front page.

By an odd coincidence I met a fellow tonight, at a totally non-political event,
who mentioned in conversation that he had gone to Kent State, had worked with
SDS there, survived the shooting and had even dated one of the young women
killed. It was I who reminded him it was the anniversary of the murders, which
he said he didn't talk about very often.

It's one thing to commemorate history and quite another to know it firsthand or
to learn from those whose lives have been most directly affected by their
involvement in it.

stuartwl at walrus.com

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