Greg's removval from the list

Juan R. Fajardo fajardos at
Fri May 4 22:44:03 MDT 2001

George Snedeker wrote:

> the question I want to pose is what are the grounds for removing people from
> the list? it sometimes seems to me that Louis is more tolerant of  some
> people than others.

It is, after all, _his_ list.

Now, I rather liked the free-for-all old days in the Spoons' marxism lists, but
I must admit that Louis's  list is far saner  and more intelligent than anything
that has remained from the other M-lists.   I have unsubbed from
Marxism-International and even from Marxism-Unmoderated (of which I was a
founder and "supervisor"), but I am glad to remain under Lousis' benevolent
autocracy (with all due regard for Les).

- Juan

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