APOLGIES - I attributed a statement to the wrong person!!! Oy Vey

Mark Jones jones118 at SPAMlineone.net
Fri May 4 07:25:54 MDT 2001

Jared  wrote:
> Addtional point: Interesting that Mark Jones chooses Kissinger as his example
> of somebody who would not get arrested.  Such an OLD war criminal.  What
> about Clinton, Bush, Solana, Tony B,
> Schroeder - the people who in his conversation with recent Western visitors
> Miloshevich called "America's boys" - that is the people NOW attacking the
> good people of this earth.  Does Jones stop with Kissinger because he is
> really only upset about yesterday's Imperial crimes?

I was merely repeating the names in the thread I was replying to. I'm happy to add
the newbies you mention.


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