Jones Apologizes For Gangster Rule, But Only In Practice

Mark Jones jones118 at
Fri May 4 12:15:37 MDT 2001

Jared wrote, of Pavel Borodin:

>Russian investigators found no evidence of
> crime,

Well, they wouldn't, would they.

Borodin was one of the most notoriously corrupt henchmen of Yeltsin. Under Yeltsin's
government, he headed the Kremlin property department, which disposed of all the
property assets of the defunct Communist Party of the Soviet Union (amongs other
things). Borodin's liquidation of these multibillion dollar assets went so far as
the phsycial demolition of the Kremlin apartments of previous Soviet leaders
including both Joseph Stalin and Vladmimir Lenin. These apartments had been
preserved as museums. They were destroyed and have been replaced by gilded kitsch
furniture and fittings, at an estimate cost for the refurbishing of the Kremlin of
between $500m and $1bn. Most of the money was diverted.

Amongst his other "duties" Borodin, together with notorious oligarch Boris
Berezovsky and with members of Yeltsin's immediate family, seized control of
Aeroflot, a major Russian foreign currency earner. Aeroflot revenues were
systematically diverted thru Swiss shell companies and numbered bank accounts over a
number of years. the looting of the national airline was not just common knowledge;
Borodin himself has never denied what took place. There is an immense amount of
material on this archived at Johnson's Russia list ( and in many other
places. It was for offences against swiss banking law that Borodin was arrested. As
you rightly say, the Russian prosecutors were recently unable to find any evidence
of Borodin's misfeasance. Earlier, however, the Russian procuracy did indeed find
such evidence, as a result of which it was purged by President Yeltsin.

There is a great deal in the public domain about Borodin, who materially helped
finance and support the Yeltsin regime. Borodin himself is proud of the part he
played in the destruction of the USSR and has recently announced that while in jail
in new York, he has been reading "history" ie the works of revisionist historians
such as Viktor Suvorov who, while not exactly pro-Hitler, essentially support the
Nazi's own version of how Hitler's war with Soviet Russian came about.

The problem you have with Borodin is that there is an alternative explanation to
CIA/FBI-conspiracy theory about his arrest, and that is that the degree of
corruption he amd the Yeltsin clan was associated was simply so huge, fantastic and
breathtaking that it became a problem for the puppet-masters in Washington of both
Borodin and Yeltsin, and that is why he was briefly arrested (he is now back in

> And yes, I will stand up for the "little boy attacked by the bully", as
> Nestor says.  The arrest of Borodin WAS an attack on Russian honor, and this
> is a VERY important point.

I think this is an interpretation of events which is unlikely to stand the test of

> Similarly, the arrest of Miloshevich is an attack on Serbian honor.

I don't feel that your persisting identification of Milosevic with Borodin really
does Milosevic any favours.

> The MAIN U.S./Euro thrust is against the former Soviet Union.  That is the
> reason for the escalating attack on the Balkans, the increased arming and
> mobilization of the U.S. battalions nicknamed "the KLA," the arrest of
> Miloshevich and persecution of the Socialists and nationalists in Yugoslavia,
> the increased terror against progressive forces in Turkey, the increased move
> to bring NATO to Russian borders, etc.  That is not to minimize the vicious
> attacks the U.S. is making elsewhere in  the world.  The point is, if the
> former SU can be reduced to twitching territories, Washington's full force
> can be directed against China (using for example the Islamist sections of
> Washington's growing proxy army) - and if China  and former SU are both
> totally broken up and hobbled, then THAT world will make THIS world look like
> heaven.

It's no doubt a good thing that the Serbian political elite has finally worked out
where its best interests really lie, but it is 53 years too late unfortunately. And
it may be a very good thing that Russian troops managed to seize an airfield in
Pristina, but it was not quite the restoration of Soviet socialism or the beginning
of world war 3 either. I think we need a little more realism here.

> " In [Jared] Israel's case His Master's Voice-- Slobodan Milosevic-- has
> clearly
> > shown that he is the template. Milosevic, who combines self-pity with
> political
> > gangsterism in equal measure, now has a record of almost absolute political
> > failure."



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