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Paul Allender-Lecturer in Politics at Sheffield University

This book is a critique of the Labour Party from the independent left. It
draws upon academic analysis and extensive practical experience of the
labour movement, to provide a characterization that intends to account for
the party's ineffectiveness during that century.The author shows that in
major cities - Sheffield is cited here by way of example - it has
completely failed to protect people from the effects of
de-industrialization and has been spectacularly unsuccessful in providing
alternative means of employment.

Contents: The nature of the Labour Party; a review of the literature on
'labourism'; a brief history of the Labour Party; the party's, and
movement's, response to economic restructuring - the record in Sheffield.
Conclusion: the logic of labourism accounts for its failure. 'New Labour'
old wine in 'New' bottles.

"An incisive and timely discussion. Anyone concerned about our present
predicament will benefit from reading it." David McLellan, Professor of
Political Theory, Goldsmiths College, University of London

"Thought provoking and provocative, this book identifies thepossibilities
and limitations of labourism and indeed the Labour Party in
government."Alan Wigfield, Former Chief Whip and Chair of Housing,
Sheffield City Council

Paul Allender was born and grew up in Sheffield. He teaches Political
Studies in Sheffield and Oxford. He was an activist in the Labour Party and
in the NALGO trade union in the 1980's and in the TGWU in the 1990's.

He will be launching the book at Blackwells Bookshop, Mappin Street,
Sheffield, 8th May, 2001 [ telephone 0114 278 7211 ]; and at the Edinburgh
Radical Book Fair - which is taking place May 11th-13th - contact Word
Power Bookshop [ 0131 662 9112, <wordpoweruk at>  ], he will also
be speaking at a conference on Images of Labour on 6.7.01 in Manchester
[further details from S.J.Fielding at]

Published by Merlin Press May 2001 210x136mm 220 pages 0 85036 497 3 GB
Pounds 12.95 PAPERBACK

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