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"Sepoy" is the name given in Argentinean politics to those who, consciously
or unconsciously, work for imperialism.

The adjective is usually reserved for those who do that job without
realizing it, and even in the conviction that they consider themselves
"patriotic", "progressive", and so on. For those who take this course of
action in a conscious way, the generally accepted technical term is "traitor".

The criticism made by the Izquierda Nacional of the aspects of Argentinean
Left that brought its members to systematically bloc with the oligarchs and
the imperialists against our country's popular mass movements showed that
it was perfectly possible to be a Leftist and a sepoy. Further and more
tragic events showed that you can also be a Leftist and a gorilla, but this
is a different point.

So that the general way to refer to this Left which dismisses or rejects
the effects of imperialist penetration, which is in the end a "red" version
of the colonized's mind, is "anti-national" or "sepoy" Left. In other
countries, where there is also a material basis for this kind of ideas this
trend of thought carries different names. I recently learnt that in
Belgrade this kind of Leftists are known as "gennissary" Leftists (the
gennissaries being the non- Turkish soldiers who would fight on Turkish
pay, in the same way the sepoys fought on English pay).

The political usage of the term dates back to the 30s in Argentina.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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Louis Proyect
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