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> I think that there is something to be gained by discussing the case of
> Nicaragua. in Nicaragua, we can see the role of imperialism clearly. it is
> possible to focus upon the concrete events and social forces. I think that a
> shift from a focus on NAFTA and free trade to the Nicaraguan Revolution
will be
> a productive move. Jose's message helps clarify some of the issues people
> been throwing  around.

In fact, although the Nicaraguan case is so clear, I suggest this is a
reason not to focus the debate on it. Because most situations in Latin
America, and struggle in Latin America as a whole, take place under
conditions much different than the extreme ones where both camps are
clearly and militarily
defined. So that when the moment of trial comes, the depuration of those
elements of colonial subservience within the ideology that prevails on the
revolutionary side are not weeded out, and they begin to get into the
wheels and clog the whole machine.

This is what matters in the debate where Julio's ontology and epistemology
have become so useful an element for analysis.

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