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Mon May 7 15:28:06 MDT 2001

James Secord's VICTORIAN SENSATION is an interesting look at the course and
contemporary impact of Robert Chambers' VESTIGAGES, the 1840s book on the laws
of "progression' that predated Darwin (without the solid scientific groundings
of ORIGINS).  The work became an important underground hit that divided
secularist from churchmen and radicals from those likely to deny progress.

It also has a very good bibliography.

Mark Lause

"Roland Chrisjohn, Ph. D." wrote:

> Timpanaro (On Materialism, p. 14, footnote 2) writes that he intends
> elsewhere to set down a history of the hostility with which early
> evolutionism was greeted by racist and colonialist biologists.  Does anyone
> know whether he finished this project, and if so, where it is
> published?  It would save me a lot of time and effort if anyone can provide
> a pointer.  Thanks.
> R. Chrisjohn

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