A little May Day rave

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Mon May 7 18:24:50 MDT 2001

> Date: Tue, 08 May 2001 07:21:00 +1000
> From: Gary MacLennan <g.maclennan at qut.edu.au>
> Subject: Re: A little May Day rave
> >Please do respond Alan.  I am far from certain what to do and I will
> >respectfully listen and think over what you say.

I will try to get a more polished opinion later, but the approach I would
take would feature the following elements:

a) The idea of a Socialist Alliance has been bubbling around in people's
heads for some time.  It isn't just a brainwave that poured forth from the
head of some "genius".  (Dave Riley wrote a letter to GLW suggesting it in
the middle of last year.  Apparently some discussions had already been
taking place about the concept around the country even then. Even I had been
thinking about it, ever since I read that the British SWP had joined the
LSA.)  It is an idea that has emerged more or less simultaneously and
independently in a lot of heads, which suggests to me that there is
something to it.

b) The blurring between grouplets yesterday tends to suggest that there is
some actual desire for an SA to occur - *although* there is a lot more
resistance to the idea than necessarily meets the eye.  Unfortunately, it is
difficult to discuss that invisible resistance openly, by its very nature.
I suppose that it makes talking things through with the openly reluctant
more important.

c) Finally, and for *me*, critically:  I have my little proto-grouplet in
Toowoomba.  What should I do with them?  (That is, what direction should I
attempt to persuade them to take?)  For me, the SA is a useful partial
answer to this - something I can attempt to persuade people to affiliate to
that doesn't involve trying to lead them through the sectarian thickets.

In short, I *need* an SA, and I'm going to help establish an SA group in

None of this directly addresses your concerns, of course.  I will have to
have a longer think about things later.

Alan Bradley
abradley1 at bigpond.com

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