Virus fix

Greg Schofield gschofield at
Tue May 8 01:31:16 MDT 2001

Les could you tell me the by-hand cure - I opened the damned virus and then
saw your message.

I have checked the email page and found a few of its componants but have
not removed any as yet (it attacked after a reboot).

Yours in hopeful anticipation
Greg Schofield

At 05:44  7/05/01 -0400, you wrote:
>Some updates on the virus spreading amongst the list readers.
>This page has more detailed info on the virus, useful if you know the
>OS internals:
>here is symanetec's coverage and recommended cleanup:
>it is also possible to clean the virus up by hand, rather than using
>symantec's for-sale software. write me offlist for detais.
>les schaffer

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