The Cancer Stage of Capitalism

Sam Pawlett rsp at
Tue May 8 07:15:51 MDT 2001

"There are seven defining properties of a cancer invasion which medical
diagnosis recognizes at the level of the individual organism. These seven
properties can now be recognized for the first time at the level of global
life-organization as well. And this is the pathological core of our current
disease condition.

"That is, there is:

1) an uncontrolled and unregulated reproduction and multiplication of an
agent in a host body;that

2) is not committed to any life function of its life host; that

3) aggressively and opportunistically appropriated nutrients and resources
from its social and natural hosts in uninhibited growth and

4) is not effectively recognized or responded to by immune sytem of its

5) possesses the ability to transfer or metastasize its growth and
uncontolled reproduction to sites across the host body;that

6) progressively infiltrattes and invades contiguous and distant sites of
life hosts until it obstructs, damages and/or destroys succesive organs of
their life-system; and that

7) without efffective immune system recognition and response eventually
destroys the host bodies it has invaded."

John McMurtry *The Cancer Stage of Capitalism*. Pluto.2000.p114.

Sam Pawlett

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