The Cancer Stage of Capitalism

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Tue May 8 07:34:12 MDT 2001

Just lovely!

Greg Schofield

At 06:30  8/05/01 -0700, you wrote:
>"There are seven defining properties of a cancer invasion which medical
>diagnosis recognizes at the level of the individual organism. These seven
>properties can now be recognized for the first time at the level of global
>life-organization as well. And this is the pathological core of our current
>disease condition.
>"That is, there is:
>1) an uncontrolled and unregulated reproduction and multiplication of an
>agent in a host body;that
>2) is not committed to any life function of its life host; that
>3) aggressively and opportunistically appropriated nutrients and resources
>from its social and natural hosts in uninhibited growth and
>4) is not effectively recognized or responded to by immune sytem of its
>5) possesses the ability to transfer or metastasize its growth and
>uncontolled reproduction to sites across the host body;that
>6) progressively infiltrattes and invades contiguous and distant sites of
>life hosts until it obstructs, damages and/or destroys succesive organs of
>their life-system; and that
>7) without efffective immune system recognition and response eventually
>destroys the host bodies it has invaded."
>John McMurtry *The Cancer Stage of Capitalism*. Pluto.2000.p114.
>Sam Pawlett

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