Response to Nestor - Marxist government officials

Julio Huato juliohuato at
Tue May 8 07:53:35 MDT 2001

Nestor posted a response to me under this thread.  It is a contradictory
note.  For the most part, it's rethorical nonsense.  The rest is a troubled
mixture of not-so-subtle personal threats, condescencion, and a larger than
usual quote of remarks that are supposed to be 'friendly'.  I'm a bit used
to his thanking me and then linking me to defenders of murderers.

It's not my job to psychoanalyze him.  I just want to say that I take these
debates personally and to heart.  Yet I want to be humble enough to accept
that people can say things in the heat of a debate that would be better left
unsaid.  That doesn't excuse anyone.  The notion that 'organic'
intellectuals have free license to rudeness is a lame excuse.

I find Nestor's labels and his preaching disgusting.  I find a good deal of
Louis' ironies demeaning.  These things offend me deeply.  For my own sense
of self-worth, I make a deliberate effort not to respond in kind.

As for Nestor's 'friendly' remarks, this is what I have to say to him: I am
not looking for a friend.  I'm not looking for a mentor, a confessor, or a
savior either.  If I find people who criticize my ideas strongly and fairly,
and respect me, then I'll respect them and appreciate them.  But as far as
the exchange with you is concerned, I am entitled to an apology.

I am a fighter, and I'll remain one for as long as I am conscious of myself.
  I try avoid dogmatism and remain open to evidence and logic.  But in no
circumstance I'm going to modify my ideas to please anyone but my
conscience.  I'll try to keep my eyes open, my mind curious, think
independently, and defend my ideas.  I don't expect others to do otherwise.
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