Reassessing Nikita Khrushchev

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Tue May 8 14:39:36 MDT 2001

>>> hliu at 05/08/01 04:13PM >>>
There is a world of difference between Khrushchev and Deng/Jiang.

Deng/Jiang policies were reactive to a world of little real options while
Khrushchev open the gate voluntarily.  K was poisoning a health organism,
while Deng/Jiang were trying to keep a dying patient alive with certain
compromises.  Without Deng/Jiang policies, China would have gone the way of
Russia in 1989.

If K had not introduced revisionism, the US would not have been able to
split the Socialist block with geopolitics.


CB: Henry, my question of your analysis would be, how would such an individual and
political trend get to be the Soviet leadership ? It does not seem likely or
consistent to me that such a backward trend could just takeover in the middle of a
healthy organism.

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