Reassessing Nikita Khrushchev

Henry C.K. Liu hliu at
Tue May 8 15:02:51 MDT 2001

Charles, cancer hits even the healthy ones.  What is needed is a virus like Bush to
keep China back on the socialist path.  The problem of K was that he underestimated
the US at first and then over-estimated it. His anti-personality cult report in 1956
at the
All-Union Party Congress was the beginning of de-Stalinization which had devastating
effects on the entire Soviet Block. His international politics was both incompetent
and advanturist.  His domestic policy caused the failure of Soviet agriculture.
great blunder was his policy on China.


Charles Brown wrote:

> >>> hliu at 05/08/01 04:13PM >>>
> There is a world of difference between Khrushchev and Deng/Jiang.
> Deng/Jiang policies were reactive to a world of little real options while
> Khrushchev open the gate voluntarily.  K was poisoning a health organism,
> while Deng/Jiang were trying to keep a dying patient alive with certain
> compromises.  Without Deng/Jiang policies, China would have gone the way of
> Russia in 1989.
> If K had not introduced revisionism, the US would not have been able to
> split the Socialist block with geopolitics.
> (((((((((((
> CB: Henry, my question of your analysis would be, how would such an individual and
>political trend get to be the Soviet leadership ? It does not seem likely or
>consistent to me that such a backward trend could just takeover in the middle of a
>healthy organism.

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