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Well, we can say more. The Aztec capital city was literally a great work of
art that people lived in. There were flower gardens everywhere, including
those that hung from the roofs of government buildings. The Aztecs loved
birds as much as they loved flowers and public aviaries dominated the
center of the city. After the conquistadors overthrew the Aztec monarch,
they torched the gardens and the aviaries.


CB: On birds and flowers, the Aztecs were famous for floating gardens ( xochimilco).
They were floating because Mexico City was founded on a lake. The Aztecs were the
Colhua Mexica, wanderers from the area around present day socalled New Mexico (
evidently, actually Old Mexico). Their legends told them to settle where an eagle had
caught a serpent, and that happened to be in the middle of a lake. ( The eagle with a
serpent in its mouth is depicted on modern Mexican money; also it is a variation of
the theme of the feathered serpent God, Quetzalquatl,  from Yucatan). So, Mexico City
was built up on a lake, and the floating gardens were a special form of agriculture.

Also , I once read an article in the _Handbook of South American Indians_ on  Aztec
philosophy which was based on flower and song !

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