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Thu May 10 14:17:41 MDT 2001

Those of us in the Boston area, are familiar with the saga of South
Boston gangster
Whitey Bulger, who was a long time FBI informant, is the brother of the
former president of the Massachusetts Senate (now chancellor of
U. Mass.) and who when his arrest was immanent, was reportedly
tipped off by his FBI friends, so that he could make his escape.
He as they say "remains at large."  His case like a great many others
illustrates the degree to which organized crime is integrated into
the state apparatus.

Jim F.

On Thu, 10 May 2001 15:10:25 -0500 Carrol Cox <cbcox at> writes:
> Borba100 at wrote:
> >
> > >
> > Reality demolishes Julio's argument: as I just proved, gangsterism
> is a
> > crucial part of state power.
> Just recently I read an article giving a detailed argument to the
> effect
> that the criminal organizations in Japan were an integral part of
> state
> power there. I can't remember where I read it now, but I'll try to
> locate it. It was very persuasive.
> The relationship in fact is so close in the U.S. that papers can
> write
> major "exposes" of it and nothing happens. There was whole series
> of
> articles in the Chicago Tribune about Mayor Daley going golfing with
> a
> man who he denied knowing. The Tribune will of course still support
> Daley in the next election.
> It is almost impossible to imagine the major cities in the U.S.
> without
> assuming very close ties between the City and organized crime.
> Carrol
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