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Thu May 10 22:47:02 MDT 2001

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> Obviously, having been defeated on a key point - a point which Julio
> mistakenly uttered, mistakenly  because it violated  his sacred oath to never
> make clear where he stood on any issue connected to real life - having been
> demolished in his attempt to argue that "the drug cartels " are not protected
> by the state, but rather that they are AN ENEMY of the state - "challenging
> the state power in the U.S."! -  having then tried to do his usual number,
> i.e. to totally confuse the issue (for instance, by describing gangsterism as
> a purely economic category)  and finding himself pursued and demolished
> again, (not by any special skill but by my OBSTINACY in sticking to the
> argument, i.e., the facts of real life)  and then seeing people posting
> various comments stating other FACTS - which as Julio knows are "annoying
> things'' (Ronald Reagan) -  Julio now discovers he has been misrepresented.
> Aint life a bitch?
> Jared.

As many have observed, engaging Julio in arument is like wrestling a
column of smoke.

Except that a column of smoke wouldn't cry foul at every turn.

John Enyang

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