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Julio Huato juliohuato at
Fri May 11 05:39:43 MDT 2001

Jared increases the dignity of this list by calling me names.  Then he asks:

>If I was completely misinterpreting your views on the
gangster-state connection why didn't you say so in the post which answered
supposed misrepresentation?

This is one of the most comic forms of argument I've ever read.  If you
misrepresent my views, I'm responsible!  How about YOU being responsible?

>Why did it take you TWO posts to realize I was putting words in your mouth?
Why did you first try to defend your views and THEN say that, by the way,
"those are not my views."?  Why did you write a whole long reply earlier
today which TOOK FOR GRANTED that we disagreed, going so far as to write
"EVEN IF JARED IS COMPLETELY RIGHT" about the ties between organized crime
and the state, - which statement would be absurd if Julio did not disagree
with Jared - that is, if Jared had been placing words in Julio's mouth.

Since when "EVEN IF Jared is completely right" means "Yes, he's completely

John Enyang joins the choir of list members who deem engaging with me a
waste of time and complains bitterly about my "ethereal sermonising" about
my views.  Just for the record, this all happened because Xxxx Xxxxxx and
Louis Proyect specifically asked me to state my views.  Just recently there
was another posting asking to state my views.  But it's clear to me that the
some of the most outspoken contributors to this list rather have me not say
a word.  I don't want to tie my hands by giving up my right of reply, but
this list is a community and if the members speak, one has to hear.
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