Engels and indigenous peoples

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Charles said:

> But obviously "computers" today do a lot more qualitative work as
> compared with the mainly quantitative work of adding machines.

the way i would put it, computers today allow the user to do more
qualitative work. i am thinking primarily of science and engineering
tasks. we can examine qualitatively so many different kinds of
scenarios simply because the "calculator" is so amenable to working


This is sort of quantity turning into quality.

On the reverse, binary logic is in a way elementary qualitative logic. Either on or
off. The computer uses qualitative logic to build up quantitative computations, I

What do you think of a defintion for math as qualitative understandings of quantities ?


in fact, many times in science coding, its the user-interface side
that takes the most thought, as that is where the shift from
quantitative to qualitative takes place. to be able to do a
simulation, say, and then try something else _based on what you've
seen already_. this is where the leap happens.

i hope i can catch up with you and greg on this thread. lots of
interesting stuff on the history of counting and computing.


I found some nice brief and , I think, accurate essays on the history of writing, on
Google.  Writing is much later than the original symbolling, but I have seen in a
couple of histories that the original writing was of trading transactions,
computations or adding up amounts for accounts in trading. This also suggests looking
into the work of ancient merchants in the origins of math.

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