finding the truth

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Sat May 12 15:32:53 MDT 2001


> Louis is right about the need to correct wrong ideas. my only point is that
> a dialogue on important issues requires openness.

Perhaps people in general should approach these debates with a view to the audience-
i.e., those not posting on the thread (or the list in general) when these come up. We
have a few comrades here who do indeed have their mind changed by one another, but
this is still a rare bird and will likely remain one. If we carry out threads to
their ultimate victory- we end up with the same kind of structure as I've organised
in before- winners by attrition.

It is really simple: Stay friendly to the comrade and keep to the ideas, so as to
better run through what is right and wrong about their approach to it. When I see
George and Mine state that Julio doesn't learn, they are assuming there was ever a
chance of that. Mine is probably right about his choice not to hear you out on these
questions (who knows), but I am concerned primarily by the implications of this: That
one engages in these rather public debates in order to get the "opponent" to say
`uncle'. That's not likely to happen very often. IMO, the main reason to polemicise
are two: To get a broader base of input and readership for your own ideas and
counter-thoughts to a previous design, and 2) to sharpen the clarity with which one
can present their own ideas. This has been where I've done most of my studying the
last few years, with that in mind.


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