Query: Undercover Police Informants?

Mark Lause lause at SPAMworldnet.att.net
Sun May 13 08:38:08 MDT 2001

Does anybody know if a list of these was ever compiled
of made available?  Seems like a lot of them got smoked
out in the wake of Watergate and the COINTELPRO suit
filed by the SWP.  It also seems like this might be
another case of waging a big battle, making a number of
important gains, and then not following through on

One of the professors here worked for US intelligence
groups (and Israel, btw).  On the side, he "trained"
potential informants by coordinating their infiltration
of student radical groups.  When the radicalization
receded, "placed" students in the classes of other
professors suspected of being radical. ("Accuracy in
Academe," leaked "stories" on "political correctness"
in the universities, etc.)

It seems as though this persistent secret police
activities also took place by establishing kind of
"soft Left" credentials for people and planting them in
a nonpolitical but unorthodox group of free enquirers,
free religionists, atheists, sketptics, etc.  This
provided a kind of listening post for whatever
politicized Leftists might be doing.

Does this jibe with anyone else's experiences, I

Mark Lause

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