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Thu May 10 20:21:38 MDT 2001

In a message dated 5/10/01 9:03:10 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
juliohuato at says that I completely misrepresented his views  I put
words in his mouth. He never denied that the criminal world was linked to the
state. Au contraire:

<<  My point was precisely that these criminal organizations were able to
 and create an organized force, army and intelligence, as a result of the
 profitability and strength of their ventures.  How can he validly infer that
 I say that no state power protects the drug lords?   >>

Oh Julio, thou intellectual equivalent of  worm wriggling on hook, do you
take us for fools? If I was completely misinterpreting your views on the
gangster-state connection why didn't you say so in the post which answered my
supposed misrepresentation?

Why did it take you TWO posts to realize I was putting words in your mouth?
Why did you first try to defend your views and THEN say that, by the way,
"those are not my views."?  Why did you write a whole long reply earlier
today which TOOK FOR GRANTED that we disagreed, going so far as to write
"EVEN IF JARED IS COMPLETELY RIGHT" about the ties between organized crime
and the state, - which statement would be absurd if Julio did not disagree
with Jared - that is, if Jared had been placing words in Julio's mouth.

Are you relying on the probability that some people didn't read our
just-previous exchange?

Obviously, having been defeated on a key point - a point which Julio
mistakenly uttered, mistakenly  because it violated  his sacred oath to never
make clear where he stood on any issue connected to real life - having been
demolished in his attempt to argue that "the drug cartels " are not protected
by the state, but rather that they are AN ENEMY of the state - "challenging
the state power in the U.S."! -  having then tried to do his usual number,
i.e. to totally confuse the issue (for instance, by describing gangsterism as
a purely economic category)  and finding himself pursued and demolished
again, (not by any special skill but by my OBSTINACY in sticking to the
argument, i.e., the facts of real life)  and then seeing people posting
various comments stating other FACTS - which as Julio knows are "annoying
things'' (Ronald Reagan) -  Julio now discovers he has been misrepresented.

Aint life a bitch?


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