More thoughts on the intimate relations between modern state and criminal gangs

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Thu May 10 05:08:44 MDT 2001

I forgot to mention: when the Carey leadership of the Teamsters got
rambunctious and organized a United Parcel Service strike in which better
paid workers struck in support of lower paid workers, i.e., when Carey and
friends challenged the widespread and profitable policy of using low paid
"part timers" to break the wage scale - the state, using compromised elements
from the old student movement (namely one Mike Ansara) and the "liberal"
oversight people "watching over" the FORMERLY gangster-ridden teamsters, and
the courts, set poor naive Carey up, forced him to resign, forced the union
to hold new elections, essentially reinstated the gangster-ridden regime of
Hoffa (where talking about the son of Jimmy Hoffa - dad is apparently
reinforcing the cement at Chicago's Wrigley Field)  and now the state has
put Carey on trial.

This beautifully illustrates the gangster-state relation. When Teamsters for
a Democratic Union were "helped" by the state to get rid of the Hoffa, all
the liberals cried, "See?  This system works." But as soon as Carey showed he
was not a good ass licker, they crucified him AND PUT BACK THE GANGSTERS
because after all, while ''one is of course NOT actually fond of them -  they
are so dreadfully crude -  one must make aesthetic compromises and use them."

If the State did not have gangsters to protect class rule, it would have to
recreate them in a hurry for they are ever so useful

I remember a fragment of a poem by Ken Fearing; I wish I could find the whole
thing.  It expresses the intimacy of the lofty capitalists and the gangsters
in our "culture".
Here's the excerpt:

"All winter she came there begging for milk
So we had the shacks by the river destroyed by police.
But at the uptown exhibit a vital sympathy infused the classic mood.
When muriatic acid in the whiskey failed,
And running him down with an auto failed,
And ground glass failed,
We finished the job by shoving a gas tube down his throat.
Next year, however, we shall have something definite."

And by the way, gangsters are very important in certain forms of state
formation.  For example, the current "authorities" in Belgrade include
Djindjic, a kingpin in the smuggling world, and various of its leaders are
associated with various parts of Balkans organized crime.  These criminal
elements are most useful while the U.S./Germany try to rid the state of
"pro-Miloshevich" elements.  Otpor itself is basically a gangster group.

Similarly, in Kosovo, the U.S. brought in the KLA - who are
narco-terrorist-gangsters - and made them the state, even creating the Kosovo
Protection Corps so they had cute uniforms and were essentially the police.
One could almost say: gangsterism is probably always a necessary part of
state power in modern class society.


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