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> >Even his book on Wall Street did not sell either.
> >
> >in any case, blow like a tornado there as you did last year--in case my
> >favorites reply:-))
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> >adios,  Xxxx
> Actually, "Wall Street" was Verso's alltime best seller. I strongly
> that a large element of this was people buying the book to learn about
> difference between preferred and common stock, etc. Obviously somebody
> buying a Verso book would believe that it is somehow "transgressive" but
> why not learn about how the stock market works while you are defying
> capitalism. In other words, the book allows multiple interpretations
> is certainly not the case with something like CLR James's "Black
> or Harry Braverman's "Labor and Monopoly Capital".

True. To Doug's own benefit, I have always said that the "Wall Street" book
is a primary source in Keynesian political economy and left liberalism. It
also gives a good insider view of  how the stock market works and for whom,
although lacking a Marxist class perspective. Definetly, finance&business
schools should assign "Wall Street" to undergrad  finance courses. I cannot
attest to its scholarly quality, but it is a good journalistic work.

> This was my big shock when I began participating on LBO-Talk. One of
> closest pals is a yuppie named Jordan Hayes, who runs a consulting
> delivering high-tech solutions for investment firms, etc. About a month
> so after LBO-Talk got off the ground, Hayes sent me private mail telling
> to keep my Marxist bullshit to myself, or words to that effect. I
> to him that Doug Henwood was himself a Marxist. After Hayes responded
> there was scant evidence of that, this touched off a long rethinking
> process about Mr. Henwood that culminated in our "feud".

but hey if  Jordan Hayes says somethig offensive about Romeo Doug's
Juliette Liz, I am sure he will be thrown off like
Rakesh....ahh blind love defeats friendships:-))))

bye, Xxxx

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