French in Algeria: Inhumanity exposed

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Mon May 14 14:08:15 MDT 2001

On Mon, 14 May 2001, Louis Proyect wrote:

> John Enyang wrote:
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> >In the current issue of Al-Ahram Weekly there is a fairly lengthy piece
> >about Ahmed Ben Bella, the prime minister of Algeria immediately after
> >independence. Besides being interesting for what it reveals about the
> >radical-leftish Asian and African nationalism of the 1950-60's, the
> >article also contains some snippets about the French settler colonialism
> >of a kind rarely found in the western press.
> >
> >
> >From an article I wrote on Algeria a while back:
> There has never been such a thing as a purely proletarian party with a
> purely revolutionary program and the FLN of Algeria was no exception. It
> contained political contradictions between Marxist and
> bourgeois-nationalist groupings. These contradictions were most often
> expressed through the words and actions of the revolutionary government
> which acted at cross-purposes.
Lou: Thanks for reminding me of your article. In hindsight I should have
made clear that I meant to draw attention to the shortcomings of the
nationalism represented by the Nassers and Nkrumahs. Though they did
represent a progressive advance over the colonial and the domestic
latifundist regimes which they replaced, these nationalist regimes were
largely of a petty bourgeois character and, certainly in hindsight if not
at the time, decrepit at inception. When faced with the choice of social
revolution or deepening integration with the global capitalist economy
they invariably chose the latter. Thus the statist nationalism of Nasser
and Ben Bella gives way to Sadat's neoliberalism and collaboration with

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