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Wed May 16 18:40:32 MDT 2001

In the latest issue of "Against the Current", the same magazine that
defended the imperialist interventions in East Timor, Ellen Wood does not
hesiate to "score points off"  Jim Blaut in her article "Eurocentric
Anti-Eurocentricism". Evidently, the title is a deliberate attempt at
deception. Blaut was a socialist and a revolutionary. He was not a vanilla
Marxist. He involved in the mass movement and struggled for the
independence of colonized nations like Puerto Rico. Like Louis Project, the
owner of Marxism list, I am protesting "Against the Current" for lacking
the courage to bring this topic with Jim Blaut when he was alive. What a
"cowardly" behavior indeed!

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> Subject: An letter to Against the Current
> Date: Wednesday, May 16, 2001 7:55 PM
> I can't find the words to describe the disgust I feel at seeing Ellen
> Meiksins Wood scoring points off my friend Jim Blaut in the pages of the
> latest ATC. I guess Brenner and Wood, who were evidently too cowardly to
> debate him when he was alive, find it easier to refute somebody who now
> can't talk back. Shame on you.
> Louis Proyect
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