Proyect v. Wood

Richard Fidler rfidler at
Thu May 17 11:33:22 MDT 2001

"Eight Eurocentric Historicans", Jim Blaut's attack on Brenner (and by
implication Wood) was published in the fall of 2000. Blaut died about a year
later. In the meantime, Yoshie Furuhashi was viciously attacked by Lou Proyect
for criticizing Blaut during his dying days. Now Ellen Wood (and Brenner) are
attacked by Lou --- and of course, Mine --- for criticizing Blaut after his
death. Evidently, the great man is beyond reproach for some people on this list.
Carrol Cox's comment that it is pointless to argue about it in the context of
this list sounds like a sensible conclusion to me.

Richard Fidler
rfidler at

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