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Thu May 17 12:04:36 MDT 2001

>"Eight Eurocentric Historicans", Jim Blaut's attack on Brenner (and by
>implication Wood) was published in the fall of 2000. Blaut died about a year
>later. In the meantime, Yoshie Furuhashi was viciously attacked by Lou
>for criticizing Blaut during his dying days. Now Ellen Wood (and Brenner) are
>attacked by Lou --- and of course, Mine --- for criticizing Blaut after his
>death. Evidently, the great man is beyond reproach for some people on this
>Carrol Cox's comment that it is pointless to argue about it in the context of
>this list sounds like a sensible conclusion to me.
>Richard Fidler
>rfidler at

I did not attack Yoshie for criticizing Blaut in his dying days. I
criticized her for bombarding the list with cut-and-paste jobs from
websites that had nothing to do with Marxism. I also criticized her for
profligate crossposting. Finally, I criticized her for refusing to
elaborate her own ideas on the subject. She never wrote anything more than
a paragraph or two on the subject. Which is two paragraphs more than you
ever wrote.

Louis Proyect
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