Proyect v. Wood

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> "Eight Eurocentric Historicans", Jim Blaut's attack on Brenner (and by
> implication Wood) was published in the fall of 2000. Blaut died about a
> later. In the meantime, Yoshie Furuhashi was viciously attacked by Lou
> for criticizing Blaut during his dying days.

"Viciously attacked"?.  I don't remember such a thing. It seems you are
_emotionalizing_  issues here. The discussion between the two was
reasonable, although had many points of disagreement. If you REALLY want to
learn what personal attacks mean, I recommend  you to subscribe to LBO talk
and see the level of discussion there.What Lou criticized was Yoshie's
outrageous cross posting from LBO talk and pen-l, which she insisted and
continued to cross post endlessly. At the time, I was starting to ponder if
she had any personal problems or going through some form of identity
crisis, indeed.

> Evidently, the great man is beyond reproach for some people on this list.

The "great men" you are reproaching responded several times on this list
while he was dying. Where were you back then? Did you read them carefully?

> Carrol Cox's comment that it is pointless to argue about it in the
context of
> this list sounds like a sensible conclusion to me.

Given your and Cox's existence here,  your comments seem like a  reasonable
conclusion to me too.

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