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Thu May 17 16:47:10 MDT 2001

On Thu, 17 May 2001, Nestor wrote:
> The MDC is NOT deeply flawed by reformist elements. I would say, on the
> contrary, that the BEST elements in the MDC consider the national
> movement of Zimbabwe in  the actual face it has today their main enemy,
> au pair with imperialism. And the worst elements, which are the ones
> that will get to power if the  MDC wins, simply don´t care about
> imperialism and in fact are serving it.

It was Patrick Bond I seem to recall, who was a while ago reassuring the
list about the supposed democratic wing in the MDC. Note however that the
MDC has the blessing of the former colonial power. This bare fact on its
own is sufficient to alert one to the true function of the MDC in the
politics of Southern Africa -- as is confirmed by Jared's recent post
from the MDC website.
John Enyang

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