critical debate

George Snedeker snedeker at
Thu May 17 17:32:17 MDT 2001

I did not imagine that when I posted the Ellen Woods article it would lead
to such strong reactions on this list. I would like to suggest that people
actually read this article and then formulate their ideas  about the
arguments it poses. what might be the reasons for Woods publishing this
article at this time? is she simply trying to reformulate her argument in
THE ORIGINS OF CAPITALISM? when I read her book I found it interesting that
she limited her focus to the debate between the English  historians about
the origins of capitalism. she did not make any attempt to deal with the
analyses of either Wallerstein or Amin for example. this would seem to be a
rather large omission. I do not think that Blaut's own work is above
criticism. people who have read it should offer their critiques. it seems to
me that a list like this is the right place for such critical reflections.

George Snedeker

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