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Juan R. Fajardo fajardos at
Thu May 17 18:56:26 MDT 2001

Magnus Bernhardsen wrote:

> I don't know spanish myself, so I only get rather vague ideas about this
> group. It seems they try to reorganize the non-MPP forces against those who
> "converge with the right-opportunist line". There have been som insightful
> comments on the exiled Peruvian organizations on this list earlier, and I'd
> like your takes.


That site is interesting in several respects.

The foremost, of course, is that, as you point, out it does not claim
nor appear to be associated with the Peru People's Movements (MPP) which
were the PCPs official support groups pre-Sept. 1992.  Since then the
MPPs have argued amongst themselves (see list archives: )and split along
several political lines, falling into two basic camps --pro- and against
negotiations.  Over time, these became crystalized around two poles,
basically, the MPP-Denmark (against negot.) and the MPP-Germany
(pro-negotiations).  Now, out of the blue there is there is this
"Reorganizing Commission for Internationa Support Work for the People's
War in Peru."

This Reorganizning Commission seems to have no genealogy nor official
status.   It does not have any of the more recent documents from the
PCP, as does, for example, the MPP-Demark, but instead reprints older
documents and in fact seems to break with party discipline by publishng
the hereto "reserved" Preparatory Document for the PCP's II Plenum of
the I Central Committee (1991).

The people running the website in question, also seem politically
unclear, falling somewhere between the two prevailing lines.  On the one
hand, they lambaste the MPP-Germany, and its ally the Communist Party of
Spain (reconstituted), accusing them of "trafficking" with the PCP and
MPP names, and even of pretending that there is an MPP-Spain and that
"its" websites are official PCP sites.  On the other hand, they seem to
have some distance between them and the MPP-Denmark.  And  while they
may seem to have similar views to those of the MPP-Denmark in opposing
negotiations, they say that the possible inauthenticity of several
documents and communiques supposedly written in, and circulated from,
prison by Guzman and reproduced by the MPP-Germany is "not for

Moreover, they seem to take no stance regarding the MPP-USA, i.e. Quispe
and the "New Flag", which has been widely discredited years ago.  An
authentic PCP organization, or at least one that had been around the
block at all, would know of the so-called "Quispe fight" in the old
Spoons' Marxism Space.

Like, I said: interesting...

I guess, we'll have to see what develops, eh?

- Juan

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